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Hi ,

I am new to Campaign, trying to integrate Campaign(Standard) with Target. I have made the changes in admin for TNT name.

Followed below video for setting up redirect offer in target and creating Campaign with dynamic image.

Adobe Campaign + Adobe Target for Email Personalization - YouTube

Now the issue is when I ope the mail I always see Default Image. Below is the URL that I see in omnibug

CLIENT_CODE : My company sandbox code

DEFAULT_URL : Default image URL

AT_PROPERTY_VALUE : Property value from Target

Can anyone help me out with the same. If I am missing any step?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi @rasannam97453277 ,

Thanks for your suggestions. I have validated details suggested by you.

Everything looks fine. Parameter is case insensitive. Also the property_id is correct.

May be I should raise a support ticket.

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Answers (1)




Should probably check the name of the parameter in campaign  vs that in the target. If they match with case sensitivity, also check if the data being filtered in target is case sesnsitive or not. I would recommend validating below details-

- Target location

- Parameter name matchinng on campaign and target

- Data filtering on target(validate the data in campaign with the filtering, specifically case sensitivity).

If everything seems ok, then I would suggest to create a campaign suppirt ticket. Thanks!