Campaign to Salesforce connector issue



Hello all,

I'm running the CRM connector in Campaign 6.1 in an attempt to get Campaign to connect to a Salesforce sandbox.

All of the table identification runs correctly and the process looks like it completes, but when I hit the close button on the modal window I get the following error message. (attached image)

and the account is not in the 'External account' window.

Has anyone seen this error before? If so how did you get around it?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Can you check with your administrator that the external account exists and you have the rights to view it?

Can you also check if there are other Salesforce external accounts created on the instance?

Finally, can you tell us what are your server and console build versions? You can check this from Help > About in Adobe Campaign. Unwanted problems can sometimes occur when the server build version is too old or when the server and console version numbers are too far away from each other.

Let me know,