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I was asked a question in Campaign BP exam - (Don't recall the exact question) - but it was something like having folders status as "view only" and select the right option from four options- all deleted files will be shown, don't remember rest of the options. Where can I find more information around View only status of folder in campaign?

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Answers (1)





In AC ,A view is a folder that displays records that are physically stored in one or more other folders of the same type. For example, if you create a Campaign folder that is a view, it displays all the campaigns present in the database by default, whatever their origin. This data can then be filtered.

When you convert a folder to a view, all the data corresponding to the folder type present in the database is displayed in the view, irrespective of the folder in which it is saved. You can then filter it to restrict the list of data displayed.

You can go through below link to know more about folders and views in Adobe campaign

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