Campaign Dashboard Issue - Activities panel is not being displayed




    One of my campaign dashboard having issue. Activities panel is not visible or there is no option to drag the activity panel which is currently hidden.

    Neither there is any option in View tab.

    Please have a look at screenshot.

    For information confidentiality purposes workflows of campaign are hidden in the image.


Thank you

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Ketan,

The campaign that you are operating on has atleast 30 or more than 30 workflows in it.

When a threshold of 30 workflow is reached campaign's view of workflow switches to this mode. It has been done by design to reduce consumption of information flowing between server and console.

As you might be aware, object in Campaign are based on XML. When hit save button on Campaign the Entire XML (comprised of operation information and of all those 30 workflows flow back and forth). This feature results in reduced usage of memory.

A quick recommendation here is to check do you really need so many workflows inside a campaign. Try breaking them to a new Campaign and you will find it easier.

Hope this helps.



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Answers (2)




Is the console version aligned with the server version? You can check this under Help > About. If both versions seems far from each other, please upgrade your console.

Have you tried clearing your local cache and reconnecting to your client?

Hope this helps,