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How could we brand the tracking URLs when using midsource deployment mode?

All the links in our emails are transformed to  https://<customername>,71ffa3,71ffa8&p1=Bare

By clicking on the links, it will quickly redirects to the actual link; but still, when we hover over the links we can see the  url as

Is there a way to brand these tracking URL? Is neolane support portal is right way to request for this change? Our deployment is Hybrid(OnPremise + Cloud)


Vipul Raghav


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi uagnihotri,

You will have to perform subdomain delegation of a customer subdomain, to Adobe. If you have a deliverability expert on board, it will be able to help you out. We do have a documentation page which shares details around it.

Please click on this link for more information Adobe Campaign and Domain Name Delegation

Once it has been done, kindly raise a support ticket asking them to complete the subdomain delegation from Adobe's end as well.

It will need 7 days of lead time as support will be working with internal teams to get the process completed.

Hope this helps.