Behavior of Date Time field when fetched in JavaScript using Query Def



Hello Folks,

I am trying to fetch a date time field from the Additional Data of Query activity in JS. I am using a queryDef for doing the same. But however i observed weird thing that value fetched is not same.

I am trying to fetch Event Date from the delivery schema for a particular delivery and value is 1/31/2019 05:58:45 AM. However if i log the same in JS after fetching it. I am seeing it as 2019-01-31 10:58:45.059Z. It is coming in different pattern (i can change it later) and with time zone (i can truncate it). But look at the time it is 10:58:45 instead of 05:58:45

I tried with today's date too, instead of showing 2/19/2019 02:54:51 AM it is showing as 2019-02-19 07:54:51.547Z.

Would like to understand what is happening behind the scenes. Is it something to do with Time zone set in workflow properties?


Sri Bhargav