Automate Refresh Content in ACS Templates



Whenever any changes are made in ACS content fragment (ie footer) each template  has to be refreshed manually before sending the delivery so that latest changes are reflected in the mail.


Is there any way that without manual intervention content is changed in ACS template and latest changes are reflected in mail whenever changes are made in the content fragment?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @hayleyn49551878,


Whenever you edit a fragment, the changes are synchronized. They are automatically propagated to all emails, provided that the emails have not been prepared or sent yet, containing that fragment.

In case, you modify a fragment for a specific email by unlocking it in the email where it is used, you break the synchronization with the original fragment, and then, the changes are not synchronized anymore.

For more information, check this documentation: About Fragments

Hope this helps. Reach out if you still have questions.



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