Attaching files in a recurring delivery




I am currently working on attaching some files in a recurring delivery. The files are meant to contain personalized information, so I've set up everything as elaborated here: Attaching files

Everything works as expected with the file and the send-out. However, there is one thing that I cannot find a solution for: the font on the generated PDF file.

So, the font on the .odt file attached is Arial, but following the generation of the PDF file, the font changes.

I have looked into the documentation, checked the forum, but I cannot find anything that would help me figure out how to change this.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Catalin,

Is your instance hosted by Adobe or your company is hosting it.

If it is hosted by Adobe our OS is Debian which comes with LibreOffice as default ODT to PDF converter.

In your case you might be using Open Office. They have a tendency of converting the Font to default one. It is more of a setting on OpenOffice or LibreOffice and not related to Campaign.


Vipul Raghav