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I currently have a workflow witch generates a file whose name is different every hour then sends this file in a delivery, so a delivery is created every hour. I want to change this behavior by using a continuous delivery activity so that only one delivery will be displayed in my interface.

My problem is that I can't use the same script to attach the file (delivery.attachment [0] .name = vars.filename;) as my previous workflow.

The delivery object does not seem to be known in a continuous delivery activity. Is it possible to attach a file with a different file name each hour to a continuous delivery? Thank for your help.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Al Debaran,

Either with the continuous delivery activity or with the equivalent Javascript JSAPI submitNotification, you can't achieve directly the attachment by JS code. The object delivery is not defined in the context.

submitNotification and continuous delivery activity only allows to add new target contacts to a delivery generated from the delivery model name (scenarioName parameter).

So with a continuous delivery you need to define the attachement filename either directly in the template (delivery model) by using a formula that can change thanks a JS personalisation code, but not related to a delivery recipient (only shared personalisation code for every contact targeted).

Of course, the alternative is to use recurrent deliveries, but it is not the same as continuous ones, less convenient as you mentioned especially for analysis/reporting.


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Hi Florent,

Thank for your answer.

Currently, it is exactly the existing behavior, we wish to change it to have a single delivery in the nmsDelivery table. Is there a way to set up a delivery activity to have only one delivery in the end?