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Is there a method using which we can decide which pages to show and which pages to not display in the Campaign console when synchronizing the delivery? Right now it displays all the pages(either approved or non-approved) which are present in AEM author(please see the screenshot), I want to display only a few pages in the list, so that the number of items in the list are reduced. I know the list can be filtered , but I am looking to provide content author the option to archive or hide a page. I tried deactivating the page from AEM author, but the deactivated page was still displayed in Campaign. Can I add a property in AEM page - as archive, or hide from campaign, so that the page does not display in campaign ? Please let me know how can this be implemented. Appreciate the help. Thanks

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Today I don't see any way of disabling a content so that it doesn't appear in Campaign, apart from deleting it, which is obviously not the thing to do!

You can easily filter contents so that contents that are already synchronized to deliveries and/or unapproved contents don't appear in that list, leaving only approved and unused contents (which should be the newest ones as oldest contents would probably be used already). Unfortunately, if you have hundreds of approved and unused contents, they will all appear there.

Note that contents that are not approved in AEM can be synchronized to Campaign deliveries but you won't be able to send the delivery.

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Answers (2)



Thanks for the reply Amit, I understand that by configuring publish server, only the published pages or the approved campaigns will be read. 

The use case is that the campaign analysts want to see only new approved campaigns . If there are 100s of approved campaigns, then the list of campaigns will be too large, is there a way using which pages can be hidden from campaign console using page properties so that content authors have the capability to  hide/disable the campaign from campaign console ? Please let me know.





This is working as designed, if you do not want to display unproved email templates(pages) in campaign than you have to create a sys filter in campaign. read this to learn about filters.

alternatively configure publisher as AEM server in campaign and campaign will be able to read only the published pages.