I have a table with three columns Email, score and event and I wanna have the sum of the score by event for each profile lets take an exemplep profile X have two three events Open two times with a score of 2  and video view one time with a score 5 I want to have only email total score for open which is 4 and the second score of 5 with a video view as an event nameso for each profil I will have the sum for every label seperatly.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You should be able to do so using a workflow though it may look a bit complex:

  • Fetch all records from the table
  • Do a fork
  • Do an Enrichment and join both parts of the fork
  • In the enrichment join the data using a N complexity join on Email + Event
  • In Additional data, add the result of the query and choose aggregates
  • Here you now can define Sum on the score column

That should aggregate the data accordingly

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