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I am a very very new customer/user of Adobe Campaign Standard and excited to join the community! I was wondering about web forms and landing page functionality within ACS.

It seems so easy to create landing pages for newsletter and email campaign sign ups and for capturing other data, and this is perfect for what we need at the moment for the large number of newsletters we run. I can also see that other versions of Adobe Campaign/ using it in conjunction with other Adobe products allows you to create web forms and applications that can be embedded directly onto your own websites (i.e. not on a separate landing page hosted by adobe) - is this something that is also possible with the Adobe Campaign Standard version? It'd be great if we could directly create forms to capture subscriptions + data and include this on the pages of our websites through an iframe or similar.

Thank you

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I can't, because we're blocked trying to implement this functionality.


If you want to integrate Campaign and AEM, you have to open a ticket with support to reset the password on a system account. We're still waiting on that. The documentation does not make it clear that this requires a support ticket.

If you want to access the REST API manually, the documentation says you need access to Adobe I/O, which so far seems to require opening a support ticket. We're still waiting on that. Again, documentation was not very clear.

My client doesn't pay for Forms, and our engineers are worried this integration may require Forms, so we can't go ahead with any of this until we can make a Proof-of-Concept. We're totally blocked on that. We're a high-level Adobe partner. I feel sorry for companies just getting started at this.

I suspect that due to this lack of documentation, we're eventually just going to try to access the API manually by creating our own AEM Components which will connect to the REST API. Both sides will be https:// and communicate via POST. But again, that's assuming we can get access, which we're still blocked on right now.

Also if you didn't know: Due to privacy concerns, you should now be using an ID to refer to users at all times, when possible. So for instance if we need to insert a link into an email to refer the user back to our side, we might use the parameter "?id=1234" instead of "?", so that it can safely be sent in an insecure fashion.


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Hey sadiej123,

Welcome to the Campaign Community we're glad to have you. Please read the document to create landing pages in Adobe Campaign in the following documents -

Introduction to Create Landing pages -  Adobe Campaign Help | About landing pages

Design Landing Page - Adobe Campaign Help | Designing a landing page

These documents will give you a basic overview to design Landing pages in Adobe Campaign.

I would also, recommend reading the Campaign Getting started guide and learn it further - First steps with Adobe Campaign Standard? Learn its key concepts.

Feel free to ask us the community more questions as you proceed.





Thanks for your reply. Coming back to the original question, how different will be the solution for Adobe Campaign Classic.

My usecase is also same as sadiej123​, but on classic.

1. Create newsletter with subscription to collection visitor email on a landing page.

2. Subscribed emails should store in classic.

3. Email campaign will then be send out from campaign

4. Is there a limitation in sending bulk emails in Adobe Campaign Classic? (We need to send more than 50k emails per day)





Hi Gary,

If you want to capture the email IDs in the form. How does the data get stored in ACS from sites? How securely the data can be passed from AEM Sites to ACS? Can  you shed some light on this?



I'm trying to implement the same functionality for a client to migrate them away from a competing email platform, so I'd appreciate a more direct answer.

I believe that content created in ACS forms (lowercase-f-forms) can be directly shown on AEM pages once the two products are integrated, which may provide similar functionality. I'm not sure about landing pages.

Info on implementing forms can be found at:

Creating Adobe Campaign Forms in AEM



Thanks Gaurang Mathur​ this is v. helpful! I wonder if it is possible to create forms with Adobe Campaign Standard that can then be put onto websites via an iframe, or are you only able to create landing pages with ACS?

Thanks again for your reply