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How do I set a delivery priority in ACS?


I mean, I have to set a pressure rule that prevents subscribers from receiving more than 1 email per day. But in add to this I have to set a delivery priority: if i have scheduled one NL and one PROMO during the same day, the NL has the priority and the PROMO has not to be sent.


I know that ACC has this feature, can someone help me with ACS?


Many thanks


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Accepted Solutions (1)






You can use fatigue typology rules to refine threshold on profiles and deliveries. All deliveries using this typology rule will execute the rule, but you decide, among the past and scheduled deliveries, which ones you want to count. For example, if your restriction is 'Label starts with Newsletter', the rule will be executed even if the delivery label starts with 'Promo'. It will count, over the selected sliding period, the number of deliveries whose label starts with 'Newsletter'.


Thanks, David

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