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Adobe Campaign Standard 18.3 - Latest features - March 2018


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Here is an overview of the latest features added to Adobe Campaign Standard - release 18.3 of March 2018. To see the complete list of changes - including bug fixes - consult the Release Notes.

Note that this new version will be progressively deployed during the upcoming weeks.

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)GDPR is the European Union’s (EU) new privacy law that harmonizes and modernizes data protection requirements going into effect on May 25, 2018. GDPR applies to Adobe Campaign customers who hold data for Data Subjects residing in the EU.
In addition to the privacy capabilities already available in Adobe Campaign (including consent management, data retention settings, and user roles), we are taking this opportunity in our role as Data Processor to include additional capabilities, to help facilitate your readiness as Data Controller for certain GDPR requests:
  • Right to Access: allows the Data Subject to receive a copy of his/her personal data captured by Data Controllers, potentially including data stored in Adobe Campaign.
  • Right to Delete: entitles the Data Subject to have his/her personal data captured by Data Controllers erased, potentially including data stored in Adobe Campaign.
For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.
Creative Designer for EmailAdobe Campaign's new Creative Designer offers a fully integrated creation experience in Campaign, enabling the quick and effortless visual creation of captivating, individually personalized emails without the need to script a single line of code. Through its powerful drag and drop interface, the Creative Designer helps scale email creation whether users start from a blank slate, or leverage existing content Fragments or templates.
Key capabilities include:
  • Visually design and create fully personalized, responsive emails through a drag and drop interface, augmented by native Creative Cloud integrations
  • Create and save an email content template & leverage saved templates to help scale email creation
  • Create and save content Fragments (such as a header, footer, article, etc.) to streamline content creation and ensure brand consistency
  • Seamlessly switch between creating in the drag & drop interface and directly editing HTML of an email at the click of a button
The Creative Designer for Email is only available in English.
For more information, refer to the detailed documentation and watch this video.
Multilingual Push DeliveriesThe same simple multilingual interface, that already exists on the Email and SMS channels, has been added to the Push channel helping you engage customers no matter their preferred language.
This capability offers a scalable and automatic solution for customers who manage Push campaigns spanning multiple regions and want to target users in their preferred language. It allows you to upload all lingual variants through a templated spreadsheet to a single Push delivery, in one click. Adobe Campaign then performs an automatic segmentation based on users' language preference, helping to reduce the redundancies by simplify workflows and reporting.
For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.
Use of Custom Resources in Transactional MessagingIn addition to out-of-the-box fields, transactional messaging now allows you to use custom resources to enrich the content of your messages.
For example:
  • Leverage custom fields as a reconciliation criteria to match a transactional message to a profile
  • Leverage full profiles, services and linked data to further personalize transactional messages
For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.


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Level 4

I'm really happy about the new realease to be honest. I waited 2 majors points and you said me that will come...and here we are !

- Use Custom fields in Transac. Messages

- New Email Designer

Well done Staff for that !

We keep in touch about debuging these new features



Level 10

Thanks Alexandre,

If you have feedback or ideas to provide about the Creative Designer, feel free to create threads or ideas in the dedicated section of the forum: Creative Designer for Email Beta



Level 1

Are there plans to include a feature for the GDPR requests to edit profile information? Based on what I've seen from testing the GDPR Access request, there is a pile of different places a profile could be, but the standard profile PATCH endpoint seems like it would only change information in one place. Alternatively, could you confirm whether an edit through the standard endpoint would propagate to all copies of the profile?

All of this is to conform to GDPR's Article 16 "Right to Rectification".