Adobe Campaign Standard 17.7 - Major documentation updates








Hello Community,

Let's take a few minutes here to talk about the most recent changes made to Adobe Campaign Standard's documentation in July. For months, the team has gathered many feedbacks regarding help and documentation for Adobe Campaign. The latest changes are a first step towards addressing those feedbacks.

New Adobe Campaign Help home page

Discover the new documentation home page, with direct access to the resources you need to be successful with Adobe Campaign. From this page, you can also access additional resources such as the training portal and also help content on related products.

Focusing on end-users and their regular tasks

Many sections of the documentation have been enhanced to focus on business tasks that you, as users of Adobe Campaign, will regularly perform. These sections were also enriched with additional information, examples, and best practices that will be useful to understand the mechanisms and to use properly the application for your own specific cases.

For example: Adding or extending a resource​.

Organizing the information with a thematic approach and for each type of user

In that regard, sections, pages, and groups of pages have been reorganized in comprehensive sets of information in a thematic way:

  • Getting started with ACS
  • Managing profiles and audiences
  • Creating messages
  • Designing content
  • Testing and sending messages
  • Analyzing and measuring campaigns with reports
  • Integrating with Adobe's Cloud
  • Managing data and automating processes with workflows
  • Administrating the application
  • Extending the data model by developing resources and using the APIs

You can access all these topics and see the list of latest documentation updates from the documentation search page.

Different types of documents for different purposes

Besides the main documentation, you can also find videos and step-by-step simplified guides to learn how to use certain features of the product.

You can still find the product release notes at the same URL to never miss new features and patches that are deployed every month.