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Adobe Campaign Standard 17.5 - Latest Features - May/June 2017


Level 10

Here is an overview of the latest features added to Adobe Campaign Standard - release 17.5 of May/June 2017. To see the complete list of changes - including bug fixes - consult the release notes.

Note that this new version will be progressively deployed until mid-June.





Direct mail

Break through the digital barrier and connect to the physical world with Adobe Campaign Standard’s first offline channel, Direct Mail. This feature allows you to personalize and generate the file required by direct mail providers as part of your cross-channel campaigns. Leverage Direct Mail to re-engage customers or to enhance the customer experience with a compelling tactile touchpoint driving customers to your app, website or store.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.


Email BCC

Email BCC enables the saving of unique email messages sent to individual recipients, thus allowing the brand to archive those messages. By adding a BCC email address to all emails, Adobe Campaign Standard customers can keep an exact copy of each email with this feature. This is a common legal requirement for the financial services industry and is helpful in assisting customer service centers in resolving conflicts in real time.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.




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