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Hi All,

Need some suggestion around choosing SMS Aggregators for SMS delivery,

1. What are all the factors need to be considering for deciding the aggregators

2. Do we have any aggregator list that Adobe ACS can support?

3. Where do we get all the available aggregator list in one place with their capabilities

4. How ACS makes handshaking with the SMS aggregators, For Eg: how ACS get the delivery information form the aggregators

5. Also, ACS supports aggregators through SMPP only or through HTTP Rest API as well

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Accepted Solutions (1)




1. Most important item is country support as not all aggregators are supporting all countries or may have limited support (e.g. no MO) in some countries.

2. No, there is no official list. You habe toncheck for an aggregator supporting SMPP protocol.

3. No idea, I guess you need to search in the internet

4. This is working via the SMPP protocol, namely using SUBMIT_SM (send message) and DELIVER_SM (delivery status response from aggregator) technical messages.

5. Only SMPP for now

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