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Hi All,

Version: AC 8893 v7

I have setup RedShift successfully before with out SSL, however, our AWS infra team has now enforced SSL on RedShift, therefore, I need to enforce SSL on the connector configuration, however, there isn't an option to set this.

Requirement: enforce ssl on redshift connector

Issue: Connection dropped

Furthermore, which method does AC use to connect redshift? I am more than sure that is not JDBC, from the looks of it is ODBC. I found a workaround to get my connector to work by setting up an ODBC data source on the server and enforcing SSL through that then instead of RedShift connector I use the server odbc alias, but I do not like this workaround, I have spoken to multiple other clients that use redshift but it appears that SSL is not being enforced on their aws redshift setup so thay are not facing the same issues as I.



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Answers (1)




Just for all the forum users as an FYI, we just need to add :ssl after the port number to enforce SSL on the external account for all FDA connectors.