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As an Adobe Partner, I am accessing SPP for Adobe Campaign Training videos.

In this regard, please address the following queries of mine ASAP:

  1. How is URL tracking done? We enable or disable this feature for individual URLs.
  2. What is the difference between Emails soft bounce and hard bounce?
  3. What is the Datamart? RDBMS? What database does the training course use? How to know this info?
  4. Where are these deliveries sent?
  5. How to select myself for sending email proof in Recipients/Training folder? For selecting me for the email proof, I navigated to Recipients/Training folder. The trainer has selected Kate's email address there. But my email is not there. So, I could not complete this hands on exercise.
  6. Is there any Overall architecture for Adobe Campaign?  It should have Email Provider, server, client, Target, etc. A complete block diagram will help.
  7. If I want to implement Adobe Campaign, what are the main steps to follow? Something like a list below. (This talks only about executing a campaign though). I am aware that it is requirements driven. But I am referring to a typical implementation here.
  • Set the contact date
  • Run the workflow
  • Approve steps in the delivery
  • monitor  delivery progress
  • view reports 

I highly appreciate your support.


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Hi Tacia,

I highly appreciate and value all your replies.

Just need a few minor clarifications on In the below Minimum architecture:

  1. Where are the Adobe Campaign application server and the database?
  2. What is the flow of information in steps, like the eight steps depicted in Distributed architecture?
  3. Where is the Email Server?