Adobe Campaign Integration with Web Server [Could not use without 8080 port]



Hi All,


Adobe Campaign V6.1 [Hybrid on premise Marketing server]

Adobe Campaign Build Number 8861

IIS Server 8.5


After configuring the web server as per the instructions in the documentation, when I hit the page http://localhost/nl/jsp/logon.jsp I get a 404 error, but when i hit http://localhost:8080/nl/jsp/logon.jsp the page loads without any error.

Please let me know, if am missing something.

I have followed the instructions to configure IIS web server with Adobe Campaign V6.1

Integration into a Web server

I did execute the VB script, But I could not see the webmdl listed when I performed a pdump as shown below.

PS C:\Users\Administrator> nlserver pdump

17:59:04 >   Application server for Adobe Campaign (6.1.1 build 8861) of 10/19/2017

watchdog (5008) - 10.8 MB

syslogd@default (3100) - 12.2 MB

wfserver@sitMarketing (704) - 37.2 MB

web@default (2776) - 292.4 MB

I can see the application folders in content view in IIS.


My IIS Server




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi David david_garcia​,

I have configured the web server and am now able to acess adobe campaign via the web server.

The reason as of why the integration failed previously, is that the following services in IIS were missing:

ISAPI Extensions and ISAPI filters

I tried nlserver config -reload before, but this did not activate the webmdl module. I tried again today and the result is the same as shown below, webmdl is still missing.

Application server for Adobe Campaign (6.1.1 build 8861) of 10/19/2017

watchdog (724) - 10.9 MB

syslogd@default (6756) - 12.2 MB

wfserver@sitMarketing (2216) - 37.1 MB

web@default (6264) - 282.5 MB

I am not sure whether the integration with web server (sans the webmdl) will work for all the use cases. I am testing it out. Hope it works.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)




Indeed, and I believe it could be because you may have missing tomcat references in the serverConf.xml file, it should look something like the following, can you please check, and perform the following command: nlserver config -reload

    <!-- Class Path to use when starting JVM





















































Make sure you are running JDK 64 bit and that the IIS application pool the site is running on has "Enable 32-bit Applications" set to False under Advanced settings on the right hand side of "Actions".

Otherwise Delete the site, set up a new one run the vbscript again and set the "Enable 32-bit applications" to false and iisreset



Hi David david_garcia

Yes the Application Pool has "Enable 32-bit applications" set to false and the jdk used is 64 bit.

I even deleted and recreated the site, the result is the same.

The VB Script does its job well, but webmdl module is not enabled in tomcat. Is there any other configuration that is required for webmdl.