Adobe Campaign Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM



Hey Guys,

I am working on the integration of adobe campaign( On-premise v7) with the Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Web API ), where I am facing the attached error.


Could you guys please help me on this and let me know in case of any information required to help on this.

Also I have one doubt that we are facing this error for the reason that one of solution is on-premise( adobe campaign) and another is on cloud ( Microsoft Dynamics)?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Raman,

Your outgoing URL is not whitelisted.

The default list of URLs that can be called by JavaScript codes (workflows, etc.) is limited. To allow a new URL, the administrator needs to reference a new urlPermission in the serverConf.xml file.

For more information on how to configure it, refer to the Server configuration section of the Security configuration checklist document.Security configuration checklist

From AC build 8853 (and AC v7 as well), the URL must be declared in the serverConf.xml file to be allowed from workflow Javascript activity and in AC external accounts.


And of course, also in your firewall rules if you are On-Premise hosting...

If you have AC build older than 8853, you can call the URL directly with https call inside Javascript activities boxes.


If you need to use an external URL inside a workflow, then define an AC external account (Administration/Platform/External Accounts, create a new one, choose http to type an then type your https web service URL  and select SSL security and if needed the credentials and port if not 443).