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Is there any way to transfer the data from Adobe campaign to external account except FTP and FDA?  

If so, is there any activity in workflow, where we can drag and drop and use it for data transfer like we do for FTP? 

Please let me know if you have solutions for this. 

And also curious to know, what is the use of Other Type of delivery channel in Adobe Campaign. Attached the screen shot and highlighted the component for your reference. 

Thanks in Advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Thanks for reaching out. About external accounts…

Several types of external accounts are available, depending on the packages installed on the Adobe Campaign server. The easiest way to exchange data is indeed through the types you mentioned (FTP, SFTP, External database). 

You also have CRM connectors that use both external accounts and workflow activities to exchange data. They are described here:

A complete list of workflow activities is available here. Some can be used to extract data or files and send them to remote servers (like File Transfer):

Also, there are other possibilities but these are custom and usually require development.

Do you have a use case in mind? If so, don’t hesitate to share it. We’ll surely be able to give you more details.


About “Other” delivery channel…

They can be used to:

1/ define web tracking deliveries

2/ define deliveries for which you want to keep track of the target (in case of an external campaign, i.e. Performed outside of Adobe Campaign)

For example, you could imagine recording all touch points for each recipient for a campaign performed with another tool in


Hope this helps.


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Answers (2)



Hi Moseen,

There are a few possibilities to achieve this, but they all require custom development and are not supported natively in Adobe Campaign:

-          Developing a custom delivery type and connector that would send messages to the external application.

-          Using the External Routing, which allows to send a target to an external application, but not the content template.

-          Implementing a custom export workflow.


These solutions should not be implemented without getting in touch with Adobe Consulting team first as they require customizing Adobe Campaign.






Hi Tacia,


I want to integrate external application with adobe campaign to achieve following things:

 1. I have to compose a text/multimedia message in adobe campaign using the other type delivery. When i send the delivery, it should post the message to my external application with Targeted recipient to my external application.

2.Do we have any Bulk api  to post bunch of data to adobe campaign from external application/any alternate way?