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How to use Apache HTTP (xampp) as the tracking server for Adobe Campaign. I have the Apache server running on localhost (80) and Adobe Campaign installed on the same machine. When I try to register the tracking server by using the 'Deployment wizard' I get following error:


invalid 404 HTTP status received during execution of the 'Logon' method for the 'xtk:session' service.


Do I need to install any package on the Apache server?

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Accepted Solutions (1)




We generally recommend using IIS on Windows but here are a few tips for Apache.

  1. First make sure the module is loaded by adding the following line in your apache configuration file: 
    LoadModule requesthandler24_module "C:/<yourpath>/nlsrvmod.dll"
  2. Please also check the online documentation for RHEL, which is pretty close to what needs to be done on Windows:

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