[Adobe Campaign] Cannot view delivery templates I created. Same for many subfolder views.



Cannot view my delivery templates that I created and stored in the sub-folders. Cannot share screenshots as it is a client's Adobe Environment (v6.1) .

Please Note: "Display Contents of Sub-folders" is enabled.

I am using v7 build 7.0 8860. Application Server:6.1.1 build 8853.

But the same problem happened when I tried using v6 (6.1.1 build 8795)

Is it a good idea to delete and re-install Adobe Campaign in this case ? Or are there any better next-steps?


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi ,

I believe it might be created in some other parent folder where you don't have access , try creating a new delivery templates folders,make it as view and search for your template .


Prem Kumar Ganesan

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