Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner Exam - Standard or V6




I am looking to be taking Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner Exam (9A0-395). As there are currently two Adobe Campaign, Standard and V6, I was wondering how this might influence the exam. Looking through the training material for both, it seems the interface and abilities of both solutions vary so there is a bit of a confusion what the expectations are. 

For example, is there a need to go through both sets of materials for both solutions? Is there a need to know how to complete a particular task in both solutions?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi Eric,

Looking at the description of the exam, it is v6 only as it is the only current version where a console is needed. Also, some concepts mentioned in the description are only available in v6 such as control groups, campaign workflows, etc. which are handled differently in Adobe Campaign Standard.

Good luck with the exam 🙂


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