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I have a basic query regarding the study material of Architect Cert - 

Does this exam cover both Campaign Classic and/or Campaign Standard? In addition to that, I noticed the revision date on pdf is June,2018 but the exam version says v6. Does it mean that the exam is not updated to cover Campaign Classic v7 which was released on Sep,2017?

Could someone confirm the scope and depth of this exam? I assume this is the correct forum to ask the question.

Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Gaurav.Behl

The Architect exam covers Adobe Campaign Classic only as of now. When i appeared for the exam last year it included questions on V6 only however recently the exams have been revised hence might have questions related to V7 as well.

In terms of the topics covered you should prepare about the various deployment types , Server/DB configuration, Security.


Ananya Kuthiala

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