A question about the API support in ACS.

I have two use cases, both of which have been implemented in v6 but I need a little more understanding as to how this would/would not work in ACS.

1. A segment is created in ACS and pushed via the REST API to an external data base (this exported segment is ultimately used by another tool to push messages to the recipients)

2. An external application calls ACS REST API every 15 minutes in order to update the marketing database, both standard tables such as the recipient are updated as well as custom tables. This 15 minute update happens 24x7. Any limitations on the API use case and/or the frequency of calling.

thanks for any help.

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Today, With the Adobe Campaign Standard API, you get access to the following functionalities:

  • Manage Profiles
  • Manage subscriptions to Services
  • Send Transactional Messages
  • Access your customized data model

You can get more information about how it works here: Adobe Campaign Standard API 

So basically I'm not sure your first use case can be done with the ACS API. The second one can be done, as you also have the possibility today to extend the API when creating custom resources.

Hope this helps,


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I completely agree with the inputs shared by my collague Florent. In addition to that, I see two possible concerns here.

For Use Case

1. ACS doesn't allow you to code with JavaScript and hence you cannot fire an outbound REST API call to the external system. REST API as of now is only available for inbound communication. So, your third party system can fire a GET call to ACS, get the data and then update it on their side. you won't be able to call a 3rd Party API from inside ACS.

2. There is a defined limit on number of API calls you can fire per your contract. Do have a check on that as an API call every 15 minutes might cause you go overquota.