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Hello! I recently called an API within the JavaScript Icon. I have some data from the API that I would like to use in an email delivery. How would get the data into the delivery Icon. The data will be different per individual we are sending to.


Individual 1  -> Object.acceptedPrize = 1

Individual 2  -> Object.acceptedPrize = 0

Individual 3  -> Object.acceptedPrize = 0


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Hi karanv22355550

Yes, you can use the Data from the API in the Email Delivery by using following Steps :

1. Define Some Instance Variables in the JavaScript which will hold the Data from the API.

     Instance Variables Can Be Defined As # instance.vars.xxxxx

2. Use one Enrichment Activity after the JavaScript. -> Add data ->  Data Linked To The Filtering Dimension -> Data of the filtering dimension -> Click On Add -> and add variable there in the below format :



3. Now select one Delivery Activity -> Click On Source In The Delivery -> Click On Last Icon On The Tab -> Target Extension -> And Here You Can See Your Variable Defined Previously -> Just Click on that and now you can simply use it in the Delivery Activity.


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Hello karanv22355550​,

Adobe instance vars and vars can hold string values only.

If you want to store objects in them you can  use built in JSON.stringify()

var myObject = {["obj1":"value1"]};

var myArray = [1,2,3];

//convert object to string

instance.vars.myObject = JSON.stringify(myObject);

instance.vars.myArray = JSON.stringify(mymArray);

/at any other place in the same worfklow

//convert string to object

var myObject = JSON.parse(instance.vars.myObject);

var myArray = JSON.parse(instance.vars.myArray);

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Two Quick Questions,

1) Can I store Javascript Objects as instance.vars?


So I could call them like this,  $(instance/vars/

and it would return the persons name.

but if I do $(instance/vars/obj.number)

it would return their number.

2)Each API call has specific data to that individual. Same variables but different data. How can I associate that with the individual in adobe.


I call the api on 3 individuals

The object returns that the first individuals acceptedPrize is 1

Then the second individuals accepted price is 0

The thirds is 0.

Individual 1  -> Object.acceptedPrize = 1

Individual 2  -> Object.acceptedPrize = 0

Individual 3  -> Object.acceptedPrize = 0