Adding a field to a campaign workflow table using a SQL code activity



Hello, I'm trying to add some fields to a workflow so that I can use them in an email delivery. The default length for a string field when using an enrichment to add the field is 255 characters. The text I need to put into the string is around 500 characters. To get round this I have used a SQL code activity to add a field:

ALTER TABLE <%= vars.tableName %> ADD senglishIntroText TEXT;

(I believe this creates the field as type HTML which gives 1024 characters)

I then follow this up with some JS code to populate the field.

This seems to work fine, no errors

But...the new field does not appear as part of the targetData schema and is not recognised in the email delivery.

Does anyone know how I can reference/find my new field?

Or, is there another way to increase the length when creating a field using an enrichment?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Found a solution, I added memo fields to recipients, brought into wf and populated with JS. This got round the limitation of only being able to add string fields of length 255 using an enrichment.

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