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I need assistance about Cart Abandonment trigger settings.

I explain the procedure that I have made to set the trigger campaign.

- I set a trigger in Experience Cloud

- I created a Trigger event in Adobe Campaign on the trigger created before. I set Targeting dimension Real-time event and then I published the trigger.

- I modified the transactional mail created after the publishing and I published the template.

I tried to test that trigger but it didn't work.

When a trigger arrived, in "show trigger report" appeared these errors:


It seem that my email isn't recognized with my profile in Adobe Campaign.

We check in administration>application setting > Shared data sources and there is the Delered ID data source that use declered id as reconciliation process.

We change the priority of Data Source to 1 respect the Visitor ID Data Source but it didn't work.

In the trigger report (attached some rows up) in Data Source ID appears the Visitor ID ID and not the correct Declered ID. It seem that the priority set doesn't work.

Is there a particular procedure to do that I didn't do?

Is there a technical workflow under this process?



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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hey Eveline,

All the data sources are considered for data reconciliation in the order of priority(high to low). Which means declaredId DS with priority 10 will be picked up before visitorId DS with priority 1. Moreover, can you please check the encryption/hash algorithm in declareId Data source.

Lemme know...