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Hi all,

I need to know whats are the differences about Real-time event targeting dimension and Profile event targeting dimension when I create the event for transactional message.


I thank you in advance if anyone explain me better with some example.




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Real-time event targeting dimension or Event-based transactional messages target data contained in the event itself, whereas profile-based transactional messages target data contained in the Adobe Campaign database. Event-based transactional message is supposed to use only the data that are in the sent event to define the recipient and the message content personalization. However, it is also possible to enrich the content of your transactional message using information from the Adobe Campaign database.


For example:
In case of event based, on triggering the event from the web application, all the personalization data would be sent in the event request as below.
POST<ORGANIZATION>/campaign/<instance name>/<Event ID>
Content-Type: application/json
For enrichment (optional), each of those fields which are to be fetched from database, needs to be mapped to exsiting resource fields like firstName & lastName
While adding personalization fields on the message, you would choose only the fields under "Event Context".


In case of profile based, at least one enrichment field has to be created which could be to map crm id with ACS profile id. No need to add any other fields such as recipient email, First name, Last name as those can be fetched in personalization fields directly from the Adobe Campaign database (e.g. Profile). The event request need to only send the enrichment (link) field as below
POST<ORGANIZATION>/campaign/<instance name>/<Event ID>
Content-Type: application/json
Selecting a targeting enrichment based on the Profile resource is mandatory for profile-based events.






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Answers (1)




Hi @elisabettap8469,


Real-time transactional event example:

When any customer places an order and you want to send confirmation on the order placed. To send this email you will be passing all the relevant data like email address, first name, last name, order total, address etc through event payload and using the event payload it will send message to customer immediately. For this you don't need profile on ACS.


Profile-based example:

When a customer new and first time they made a mobile purchase are subscribing to receive further communication about their offers. You will be creating a profile on ACS and once this is done you will be sending profile based transactional welcome subscriber email.


Hope this helps.


Thanks, Sathees