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[ACS] Tracking Formulas


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Hello Communauty,

I have a question about my platform, and I would like having your opinion about my problem 

I sending transactionnal emails for 5 different company from the same instance. These emails are launched from API calls.

To have the right content with the right company, I used dynamic content to "brand" the email. I didn't used the adobe brand solution.

I modified the tracking formulas (click and open) with some conditions to point on the right tracking URL.

My question is:

Is it possible like in Classic to construct more than one click and one open formulas, and configure on which formulas the delivery going to point?

If it's not possible, my tracking formulas start to be really complicated and not easy not understand... Do you think I should review all my platform construction to use "Brands" ?

That signify I should construct 1 transactional event type for each brand... and I have 8 event types....

I hope i'm clear in my explanations !

Don't hesitate to give me your feedback 


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