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Hi there,


I'm new to ACS landing pages (very familiar with ACC WebApps).


Can someone please explain to me the following:


1) Reconciliation

What are the enumerated list of options for the reconciliation key? where do they come from? How do each option differ?

If I link from an email, I assume the user is identified through the use of encrypted profile key - so therefore how is the key option relevant?

In the event that unidentified users access the form, how do they reconcile against existing profiles? and are the "form parameter mapping" settings related to this?


2) Adding additional URL parameters

Is it possible to add additional URL parameters to the landing page's URL - and then use the variable value to:

* personalise or dynamically change the page content

* capture the value and store it in the submission data





Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi @davidh2892249 ,


1.) The reconciliation key determines whether the visitor has a profile that is already there in the Campaign database or not and it then lets you update or create a profile, according to the update strategy parameters defined. And, yes the form parameter mapping settings are related to this in the way that they allow you to map the landing page field parameters with the ones used in the reconciliation key.

You can find more detail on this from the Managing Landing Page Form Data documentation.


2.) I think this might be possible. This page should be able to help you with your use case: Configuring a Landing Page


Hope this helps.



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