ACS - insert/update data to Custom Resource(other than profile) via Landing Page



Dear Community,


I have a requirement to insert/update data into the custom resource through landing pages, I want to know if it is possible to change the the targeting dimension along with the reconciliation key in the custom landing page template.


I was able to change the targeting dimension in the new template but I don't see much options to change reconciliation keys and when I go head and test the landing page(created out of this template) for data insertion it's error-ed out with below message.


Error in landing page "LP101"] UnknowJpath: /context/cusTable1/t1id
NL_LandingPage_checkInputData([object Object])@/nms/landingPage.js:1254
_LPT_LP101([object HttpServletRequest],[object HttpServletResponse])@_LPT_LP101:241
  "pageHistory": [
  "cusTable1": {
    "t1id": "1",
    "field1": "wew",
    "field2": "sdsdsds"

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi @shiva_kumarp498 ,

Unfortunately a landing page cannot display or update data from any other resource than Profile or Subscription.

You can see the full list of limitations of landing pages in ACS in the online documentation here: