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I need help to know how to generate a URL personalized to be included in an output file of a Direct Mail delivery, in ACS.

Recently, I have sent an Email delivery with a link to a Landing Page that preload the visitor data. It was easy, the email content editor let me include de Landing Page link in the email content and the following HTML code was include:

<a href="#" id="a152707340592475" data-nl-type="landingPage" target="_blank" data-nl-landingpage="LP_GDPR" data-nl-landingpagelabel="Nueva Política GDPR" data-nl-landingpagedynamicservice="false">

This HTML code was translated in something like that when ACS processed the email:

https://[URL]/lp/LP_GDPR?pkey=<%= escapeUrl(context.profile.PKey) %>

Now, I have to made a Direct Mail delivery and include the same Landing Page link in the output file. After that, the Direct Mail provider will transform the link in a QR code that will be printed on the letter. The problem is the Direct Mail content editor don't let me to include a Landing Page link, neither let me to export the PKey profile atribute.

Anybody know how can I include the personalized link in the Direct Mail delivery?

Otherwise, could it be possible to export the PKey profile atribute to a file? Then I could import it and include it in the Direct Mail delivery with a reconciliation activity.

Thank you in advance,


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Accepted Solutions (1)




If you are using a workflow, I can advice you to use an Enrichment activity.

You add an additionnal data with an expression: [target/@PKey] with a label like PKey, and you add this custom column in you Direct Mail Export file with a concatenate text (your url) : "https://[URL]/lp/LP_GDPR?pkey=" + PKey



Is that answer to your need ?



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Answers (4)



Hello all,

I stumbled upon this old thread and I need to do the exact operation, computing the link of a landing page with the profile parameter.

Is this solution still working? I do the exact same thing but can't seem to access my acquisition landing page.

Did you have to encrypt your Pkey?

On another note, the LP URL link will be way to long and complexe for a client to type in his browser, I'm looking for an automated way to shorten the URLS. Looks like using the new external API activity with API can do the Job, but still testing this.

Maybe you did just that? In the affirmative, please advise.

Thank You.



Hello again,

Finnally, I got it. Thank you for your advise arouillard44​.

Due to the additional data fields weren't shown when I tried to add it to the output file of the delivery, I had to do it in another way, using an auxiliar file, as you can see below:


Best regards,




Hello Alexandre,

I got the PKey field through an Enrichment type activity like you said but I still have two issues:

  • The PKey field obtained is not the same as the generated for the Landing Page link. I think the PKey of the link could it be encrypted. Is it possible? Then, do you know how to encrypt it with a function in the Enrichment activity?



  • Once the Enrichment activity is configured and linked to a Direct Mail delivery, I try to select the new additional data field (Profile_PKey) to add it to the outpuf file of the Delivery but it is not shown in the list of available fields under Additional Data group. Do you know if I'm doing something wrong? You can see the field in your workflow?


Thank you for your help,