ACS : How to access a custom resource field inside a content block




      I have created a content block which will display a custom resource field and i am making it dynamic by using Java Script. As we know we can access an OOTB field for example firstName from Profile as:

var firstName = context.profile.firstName ;

But how to access a custom resource field in the similar way.

For my use case i want to access a field named 'price' from a custom resource say 'productLookUp':

I am using the following code:

var price= context.targetData.cusProductLookUp.price;

But when i am using the above content block in an Email Delivery i am getting the following :

JST-310000 Error while compiling script 'sampleDeliveryTemplate[htmldefaultContent]' line 86: context.targetData is undefined.

so it is not able to compile the above line of code. Can you please suggest any alternative way to achieve the same.

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