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We are looking for external API to perform a use case where some workflow data (first name, email, DOB) will be posted to a https url. However, we could see a few hurdles:


a. how do i know when this activity is posting and when it is issuing a GET or PUT or other kinds of HTTP call?

b. When using the POSTMAN Echo, the request is working fine, however, when tested using the external API the request is getting through but no response - how is my request getting posted in the endpoint?

c. I am providing below the screenshots: of the error and my configurations - any information?


Inbound column.PNGPostman.PNGOutbound column.PNGerror.png

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Workflow execution logs will typically show you the various steps taken during the execution of that workflow, including the URLs of external API endpoints to which calls are made. Whether GET or POST method is used during the call is based on whether there is any request body to be sent to the API endpoint or not. If the problem is not yet resolved, you can submit the log messages from the workflow to this post for further troubleshooting help.

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