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Hello Team,

We have a need with ACS, but I'm not sure that we can do it with the solution...

We must timestamp each email to prove its sending to the customer, it is an obligation to the law.

We have the option to go through a third-party solution by sending our encrypted email content, so as to retrieve a proof token that we will store.

The problem is that I hardly see how to recover the content of emails that I send to my users with ACS.

Have you ever done that? Do you have any idea how we could set it up with ACS?

I think it could be possible to do it with a JavaScript box in classic, and reach an URL or export the code contained in the workflow XML, but without that I had trouble imagining a solution.

Waiting for help...


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Hi Arouillard,

Just to clarify, do you need the timestamp added to the content of the email so it's visible to the recipient or do you just need a way to audit that it was sent?

If you just need an audit then the date/time a delivery is sent to an individual recipient then you can pull the delivery logs for the delivery which will display the date/time that it was sent.

If you are trying to add the date/time to the content of the delivery then you should be able to add a personalization to pull the current date/time at the time the delivery is compiled.





Hi Craig,

Thanks for your time.

Hum, think that my demand wasn't clear apparently

I'm using Adobe Campaign since years now, and I'm searching something a bit more technical in fact.

I know how to do some personalization and how to use NmsBroadLogRcp hehe

I'm doing an important project linked with the gouvernment. And they need to keep a proof that the email and his content has been really sent to the customer. This proof can be only done by certified companies.

We working with one of these, and the process is this one :

1- Send the email to the customer
2- Export the content of the delivery sent
3- Hash the file to SHA1 or something else.
4- Save and Send the file to the certified company
5- Receive a token (the proof) sent by the certified company and save it.

My problem is to use ACS for sending my emails and be able to export my delivery content

Hope my explanations are more clear ^^ !

Thanks everyone !