ACS - Error when send transactional message with API




I have a problem with transactional message.

We have set up a process with API and when we call the event to push the transactional message occurs this error:

“RST-360011 An error has occurred - please contact your administrator.

PGS-220000 PostgreSQL error: ERROR:  column r0.scuscity does not exist

LINE 1: ..., R0.iCusMonth, R0.iCusYear, R0.sCusCity...


HINT:  Perhaps you meant to reference the column "r0.scity".”

We had set the same process in stage instance and all worked fine.

The problem is that in prod instance we don't have the field cusCity in the profiles custom resource, in stage instance there is this field.

I saw in the Event Metadata that there is cusCity but I don't have this field in Profile custom resource.

Why there is this dissaligment? How can I solve the issue?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)