ACS Connector - Connecting Adobe Campaign v7 to Adobe Campaign Standard








The ACS Connector was released on March, 30th as part of the new Adobe Campaign v7 version. You can check the complete release notes here.

ACS Connector bridges Adobe Campaign v7 and Adobe Campaign Standard. It is an integrated feature in Campaign v7 that automatically replicates data to Campaign Standard, uniting the best of both applications. Campaign v7 has advanced tools to manage the primary marketing database. The data replication from Campaign v7 allows Campaign Standard to leverage the rich data in a user-friendly environment.

With ACS Connector, Campaign Standard continues to be used by digital marketers to design, target, and execute campaigns while Campaign v7 is tailor-made for data-oriented users such as database marketers.

ACS Connector can replicate the following items from v7 to Campaign Standard on a periodic basis:

  • Recipients

  • Subscriptions

  • Services

  • Landing pages

The sections below provide information on how the feature replicates data and instructions on how to work with replicated profiles.

  • Process: Overview of ACS Connector and how data replication is managed.

  • Implementation: Overview of how to get started with ACS Connector as well as instructions on how to replicate basic and advanced data.

  • Synchronizing profiles: Instructions on how to replicate profiles and how to create deliveries with them.

  • Synchronizing audiences: Instructions on how to target a list of recipients in Campaign v7 and then replicate the list to Campaign Standard as an audience.

  • Synchronizing web applications: Instructions on how to link Campaign v7 web applications to Campaign Standard.

  • Troubleshooting: Review answers to common problems.


Let us know what you think of this feature or if you need assistance on using it.