Has anyone implemented this on Adobe Campaign Standard?

What is BIMI?

BIMI stands for Brand Indicators for Message Identification. It is a mechanism that you can use to have your brand’s logo displayed alongside your authenticated messages. This logo image may appear in the place of user photo profile or initial letters that normally many email clients display next to your from address.

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Great question and I am very interested in this as well. Prior to BIMI, I had asked my account team how I can get my brand profile image in Gmail, as I have seen a few (but not many) brands do it. Their response is below, in case this is of interest. But if anyone has any experience with BIMI for this purpose I would like to know


There is no "programmatic" way to affect the profile picture (for Gmail).

The best way to apply a profile picture to Gmail recipients' inboxes is to create a Google+ account for the sending address and add a profile picture to it (more below)

Other email services and inboxes (including Airmail, Sparrow, Postbox, and Thunderbird) use Gravatar (more below)

Use Google+ to add profile pics to Gmail:

• Go to

• If you are already logged in, log out

• Click "Use another account"

• Click "More options" -> "Create account"

• Enter first and last name

• Under Choose your username click "I prefer to use my current email address"

• Enter the email address you want to send from with a profile picture to the "Your email address" field

• Fill out the rest of the fields

• Once your account is created, click your profile in the top right, and click "Change: where your profile picture should be. Upload a profile picture

• Now wait for a day or two

• Profile will be updated

Use Gravatar to add profile pics to other inboxes:

• Go to

• Click Sign In and sign in if you are not already

• Add an email address - use the email address to want to send form with a profile picture

• Upload an image

Some more information :!msg/gmail/nR3E3d3aHVY/WH_RmYUxAQAJ

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