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What is the capacity of Adobe Campaign Standard API in terms of sending transactional messages:

- how many messages can processed e.g. per hour?

- are there any limitations in terms of amount of data that can be processed per request?

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Accepted Solutions (1)





the numbers are  normally contained in the contract.

The default values also can be checked online:

Adobe Campaign Standard | Product description

"Transactional Messaging:  Transactional Messaging functions with the following Channels: Email, SMS and Mobile App. Peak volume of Transactional Messages is 50,000 messages per hour."

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Answers (1)




Number of API calls you can fire on the instance (just in case is it Adobe hosted) will be specified in your contract.

Also it greatly depends on how many web servers have you bought so that the load can be shared.

The number of calls per second depends greatly on what kind of call you are firing, for how long that calls keeps the connection open between the calling server and Adobe Campaign web server, to process and return the data.

Best way to find it out is by performing a load test.