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I had a question about the anti-spam analysis tool in ACS. For a fundraising email I'm creating, it specifies a dollar amount we'd like to raise (in the thousands). When I click preview, the anti-spam analysis tool says the following:


It's flagging that there's money mentioned in the body of the email, but it assigns a score of 0.0 to it. What's the point of this / is it worth adjusting the copy in the email?

Thanks a lot!

Danny Diaz-Etchevehere

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Hi daniel.diaz

This indeed is a Spam Check Rule.

I tried replicating the issue from my side and was able to see the same message with 0.0 score. Even though it doesn't contribute to an overall score, it surely can mark your email as Spam.

I believe this rule exists to warn Recipients of those emails which claim you have won huge sum of money etc.

When I changed the amount within email body to a decent amount, the rule check didn't show up in Spam Analysis.

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Hi Garima,

Thanks for looking into this! That's good to know that it could still set off spam flags even if it's a score of 0.0. I'll tweak the copy.

Thanks again!