ACS & Outlook: Major rendering issues



Hello everyone,


first of all I would like to thank you for your support. While testing and sending our first campaigns in ACS we came across some incorrect representations of deliveries in Outlook (Windows versions only).


The problem is the following: Images are sometimes displayed across the full width of the mailing in Outlook. The phenomenon occurs randomly. So we create mailings with the same template and from time to time it does work. Sometimes it does not. The issues are not not comprehensible for us.


Take a look at two examples here:

1) Correct display / Only error: Line break after 2 columns element in Outlook (Windows only):

2) complete misrepresentation / images go beyond the whole layout and text is rendered outside the 600px width of our template:


Furthermore the display of the buttons is terrible.


Although we know that Outlook uses a part of Microsoft Word to display the emails, we think that such errors should not happen by default. Especially since we only used out-of-the-box features of the visual editor in ACS to create the tempaltes and deliveries.


I have already contacted the Adobe support, but unfortunately I have not received any helpful feedback so far.


Have any of you encountered similar problems or does anyone have any tips for us in dealing with these problems?


Thanks a lot for your help!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




MS Outlook indeed is a bit special in manz ways.

Campaign Standard should create the Outlook-specific tags though indeed sometimes fails.

There should be several improvements in release 20.4 which is planned for later this month.


Until then, mainly you would have to check the E-Mail template and the mso-conditional tags manually.

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