ACS: Adding a parameter on the Landing Page link




By default when we add a "link to a landing page" ACS will add some code like that:

<a href="#" id="a152481524971419" data-nl-type="landingPage" data-nl-landingpage="LP12" data-nl-landingpagelabel="Landing Page 1" data-nl-landingpagedynamicservice="false" data-nl-format="datetime">Click here</a>

This will translate in something like that when ACS process the email:

https://URL/lp/LP12?pkey=<%= escapeUrl(context.profile.PKey) %>

My question is, I need to add an extra parameter on the URL, with some data that I have from my workflow, like:


Does anyone have done that before?

Add a custom parameter to the landing page so we can retrieve this information later on at the landing page?



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