Accessing Event Variables in ACS (Transactional Messaging)



Hi there,


I'm setting up some Transactional messages whereby the email trigger must be real time, but I cannot guarantee the profile will exist in the ACS profiles table.

Therefore I am setting up as an event transactional message rather than a profile transactional message.


At a later date, I'd like to be able to access details of each record of the event for follow up processing. This could be:

* Exporting back to data warehouse

* Updating a custom resource in ACS

* Cross referencing with profile data


For any of these activities, I need to be able to query the event and access the custom fields (and their values) that were created for the event. However, when i use a workflow query and change the resource to one of the events that has been set up... only the standard attributes (e.g. status) are visible, not the custom ones created for the event.


Can anyone share any insight on this? Is there a way to access those event fields? (they must be stored as i'm still able to view a mirror version of each email sent).





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Accepted Solutions (1)




True, they are not accessible in a query/enrichment activity.

Though they can be used in an Export File activity.


Either to upload them somewhere or you could directly parse the same file again in the workflow and then have the values accessible

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