Access list of recipients from a typology rule




I would like to implement a typology rule that executes some controls on the recipients of a  delivery.

I have no problem to access the data of the delivery itself.

How can I access the list of the recipients from the script?

Thank you in advance.

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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Imms,

There are at least 3 replies on same subjects, as far as I remember, advising to use the advanced parameters of typology rules:

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Of course, the typology rule pressure fields allow a lot of flexibility but are based on database fields criteria (so more or less underlying SQL expressions).
If you really need to use Javascript for a reason or another, I strongly recommend you to calculate the weights but let the engine behaves as standard, not developing at the delivery level itself (such as delivery work tables).


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Answers (2)




I'm well using Campaign classic.

The validation I would like to do is not just pressure but more advanced validations on the recipients to who the delivery is going to be sent. For doing that, I thought to use a "control" typology rule, with javascript code.

After some search I found that a working table is created during delivery execution (wkDlv_xxx), but I'm wondering whether there is an easy way to access the list of récipients of a delivery, through objects. I tried the 'delivery.broadLogRcp", but at the time of the rule execution this collection is empty.

Thank you in avance.




Can you specify which version of Campaign you are working with? I suspect Classic since you're referring to 'recipients'. Here is the documentation about creating typology rules, including pressure rules for recipients: