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I have some question about sending Email and SMS by Adobe Campaign:

(1)  Where can I find the configuration/deployment guide about Email and SMS account of my Adobe Campaign?

(2)  Does Adobe Campaign only support sending Email by SMTP and SMS by SMPP, does other protocols or method are support?

(3) I want to send Email and SMS over http in Adobe Campaign. Beacuse the Email and SMS vendor in our place only

     support HTTP and the API is private. Is there a way to to do that?

Best regards.

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Accepted Solutions (1)





To answer your second question, we support sending emails on SMTP and SMS on SMPP and there is no other protocol to do the same in Adobe Campaign.

If you upgrade to the latest build, it comes with the Generic SMPP connector. Currently, we only support HTTP connection to SMS vendor.

HTTPs communication is not available by default for the SMS channel, though a product enhancement is in pipeline.

If someone wants HTTPs they will have to setup a SSL tunnel on your infrastructure and go about it. For hosted customers, this is not possible and they will have to use HTTP based connection.


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Answers (4)



Hi Vipul:

Thank you.

Would you like to tell me is it a solution by the follow way to send email/SMP my my own way( not by SMTP or SMPP)?

(1) New a  "External Account" and set the channel to "Email".


(2) Then  I develop my own JS connector, and set the JS connector to it.


But I test this way, my JS connector was not execute when I create a new delivery with “My email routing”.

Best regards.