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I am try to create a Campaign, and I meet the next problem, Would you like to give me some advice? or where can I find the guide?

(1) I want to make a campaign with the recipient target exclue the same targeted communication within 3 days

     ( or exclue the target who was deliveried a mail/sms/... within 3 days )

(2) I want to next workflow

      Send EDM -> wait n days ->  collect the non-opener -> send SMS

      Send SMS with an url link -> wait n days ->  collect the non-clicker  -> send EDM


     Problem: how to check if the user open the mail/SMS or click the link in the mail/SMS?

(3)  I want to send a mail to the customer if coupons is going to be expired within 1 month.

(4)I want to send a mail to the user when the customer did not finished the order.

Best regard

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




1) read this Consistency rules . This will help you achieve what you want.

2) This is a typical case for ab testing. Read this article to  implement it:  A/B testing .

3) This can be done by scheduling a delivery to all customer/prospect who have n't used the coupons offered to them but they didn't used it and this is about to expire in a month(targeting).

4) this can be achieved in many ways i.e use web tracking or using triggers.

Read this for triggers How to use Marketing Cloud Triggers with Adobe Campaign  and https://translate.google.com.au/translate?hl=en&sl=fr&u=https://docs.campaign.adobe.com/doc/standard...

Read this for web tracking: Web tracking mode



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