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Viewing deliveries by target data used (not delivery name)


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Hi I have a workflow setup that populates the delivery content (eg subscribers favourite color) depending a variable that's defined upstream.

Each day a new delivery is sent, meaning 365 deliveries appear in the deliveries folder each year.

Is there a way to view by the varable (favourite color) instead of date of delivery sent?

This way I could see if those who like color X have a better open rate, instead I can only see if those who received a delivery on day X what their open rate is


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I think using the recipient's fav color column/attribute as a snapshot attribute (capturing the fav color of a recipient at the time of delivery an storing it on the BroadLogRcp table). You can update the recipient target mapping to reflect that. Of course you need first to extend the schema of BroadLogRcp by creating the new column.

At least this is one way to do it.



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Store your variable in the delivery variables (tuto) and then you can filter on the Value (text).

Delivery Variable.png

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